The American, European Combine For New Business

The American, European Combine For New Business

RELEVENTIS is a NYC based agency and accelerator dedicated exclusively to growing the value and returns of European soccer player social capital and equity investments in the US Market of early stage and high growth companies.   Players must qualify to become a partner in RELEVENTIS through a mix of annual investment commitments and social media ventures.

For American starts ups and high growth companies, RELEVENTIS is an unprecedented opportunity to align their brand, products and services with the top European soccer players - and access a global social media fan base of 3.5B fans and growing.  Additionally, for qualifying companies selected to RELEVENTIS they access dramatically rising levels of player-sourced and strategic investment capital from Europe.  

RELEVENTIS  exists for maximizing deal structures and new relationships through the irreversible nexus of soccer’s global reach and technology’s acceleration.  We work closely with the major sports agencies in Europe to ensure they receive a regular and qualified flow of emerging US opportunities, for both influencer marketing deals and / or equity deals.   Members also receive trend reports and a macro view of where to align player brands with the mega trends developing in the US market, ranging from consumer goods, to high tech, to new media models.

Soccer is already the #1 growth sport in the world and RELEVENTIS leverages that global leadership position through innovative investment and brand participation opportunities, structured financially and socially that gives players the proper return structure based on a proprietary model developed by RELEVENTIS.  We match brand and equity, for aligning the player to the opportunity.

Partners of RELEVENTIS come from backgrounds at RSE Ventures, ESPN,, Disney, Google, Relevant Sports, Amazon and Goldman Sachs.  

“RELEVENTIS is a deal gateway for European Super Clubs and players, a strategic agency, accelerator and hub for rarefied investments.  The growing nexus of soccer player brand capital with strategic access to deals and opportunities in the US market has never been more compelling than it is now.”    

 – Partner, Drew Bartkiewicz