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Patriapps is a veteran founded venture studio.

Developing technology that solves the larger problems of America.



Principled Technology

Patriapps was formed around their first application, lettrs, which inspired over 10 billion impressions on mobile letters, stamps and signatures.  The company set the standard across 80 countries, for inspiring a wave of meaningful messages with their patented "1 Minute Minimum" for emotionally rich and lasting communications.  The lettrs App remains the #1 letter writing app to this day.  Since then the company has expanded their authenticity technologies into smart keyboards, cyber and health tech.

Authenticity as a Service

The founder of Patriapps, Drew Bartkiewicz, graduated from West Point in 1989 and after combat in the Gulf War he spent the next 20 years in the high tech sector.  Funded by the principled investment of 25 other military veterans, the Patriapps company patented the use of time and identity biometrics to deliver a family of applications for authenticity at scale. The company created a major partnership with Major League Baseball players as the first fanmail signature app in the world.  Since then, the companies has expanded with a range of applications for identity, authenticity and sanity in the digital age. 

Innovation to solve larger problems

By 2018 the Patriapps company had earned media recognition in over 100 publications and incrementally raised a private fund to expand its portfolio to have an impact, to solve growing national problems of fake digital, depression, health, well being, and cyber security for the nation our company loves so dearly. In less than 5 years Patriapps has developed 6 brands, 4 patents and 4 networks, closely adapting new technology with a mission to solve American issues.

Our Values

Painly is the handheld application to improve the mental resilience to pain.

Bob Eisiminger, CEO KnightPoint, USMA 1988

"If there were ever a person that saw technology's impact 10 years ahead of its time, it would be Patriapps Founder, Drew Bartkiewicz.  The societal need to use mobile and machine technology wisely, to solve the harder problems, is as compelling as it is immediate."

SignID keyboard will change the notion of identity through the signature.

BG Harvey Schiller, Turner Sports, Citadel

"The integrity factor of Patriapps is only matched by its intensity for results that are both profound and profitable.  With multiple patents and brands it is a company that places its innovation stripes as high as any Silicon Valley company."

lettrs is the #1 fanmail and autographs app in the world.

Karl Ravech, ESPN

"The Partiapps company of veterans and innovators uniquely manage the potentialities of technology with the probabilities. I am astounded at the efficiency of their operations and ability to drive unusual value into media, communications and mobile moments, like no other company."

Our Brands

Software with a Mission.

Representing every military branch through individual investments, the power of Patriapps is in our capacity to use technology for a higher and more profitable purpose. 

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Upcoming Release - SigNID

The smart keyboard to authenticate...everything.

Upcoming release - Painly

Using technology to increase resilience, rigor and resolve in the workplace.

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