Patriapps rapidly and cost effectively deploys innovative new software applications, brands and companies that can create high impact, high margin value in new markets.

We build applications and brands in communications, content, commerce and cyber, with the CEO and partners experienced in 10 previous IPOs and over 21 acquisitions.

Patriapps has had its applications featured in over 150 publications, and the partners of Patriapps come from organizations like, BroadVision, Steamboat Ventures, Mashery, HBS, IGN Media, Goldman Sachs, Grameen Financial and YankeeNets.

When possible, Patriapps aligns impact efforts and partnerships with the Line Of Site Foundation which is a 503(C)(3), veteran run, non-profit to reduce suicide, addiction and depression in America.

Patriapps Labs also works with very select entrepreneurs who come to us for incubation and acceleration of their mobile applications, brand development and launch plans.

For the qualifying portfolio companies selected to Patriapps they access dramatically rising levels of veteran-sourced and strategic investment capital from across the country.  

We treat investments as if it came from veterans… because most do. 

Some Patriapps Investors Include

Dr Harvey Schiller (BG Retired), Alan Salisbury (MG Retired)

Andrea Jung, Mark Jung, Wentworth Family Office

Rick Dalzell, Amazon, Jim Matheson, HBS, USNA

Keith Brunini, Gary Giglio, Goldman Sachs, USMA

Dr. Veronica Ruelas, Myong Roh, Marta LaRoque

Bob Eisiminger, Knight Point System, Herman Bulls JLL America, USMA

Myong Rhoh, Heather Mason, John Heilshorn

Hivers & Strivers, 22 other veterans

Yale Bulldog Innovation Fund, John Eydenberg, USNA

Dan Beldy, Airwing Ventures, USNA

Software can change lives, so use software for impact.

Patriapps stands up new brands in software with teams and technology that have reached a level of maturity as a potential stand-alone venture. All impact apps we build pass our internal test and process to successfully vet the venture before hitting scale. Patriapps brings unique service experience and business acumen together with the scale of software.

“Patriapps is the new kind of model in value creation, rewarding resilience and resolve, to innovate with impacts that are both profound and profitable.” - Bob Eisiminger, Board Member, Patriapps